The SunLift is where Sunstream’s story begins. As the first freestanding hydraulic boat lift, we set the standard with our award-winning technology and quality craftsmanship. Designed for reliability and ease of use, coveted for it’s classic style, the SunLift defines our legacy of innovation.


Sunstream's patented cylinder boot keeps the stainless shaft and hydraulic fluid clean, and protects the cylinder seals. The pressure-balanced pump is 20% more efficient than typical fixed-gear pumps, saving energy and increasing speed.


The SunLift is packed with features to help you enjoy boating and boat more often. Rubber capped aluminum Superbunks™ are the best fitting, most durable and shallowest bunks for smooth loading. The powerpack box is fiberglass with UV protecting gelcoat, so it will look great no matter what mother nature throws at it. Water-soluble SunFluid can accept water intrusion, unlike an oil, is environmentally friendly if spilled and does not spoil like other fluids.


If you’re looking to get on the water quicker, the SunLift is here to assist. The remote control is custom-designed for Sunstream, with water resistance, durable microwave-style buttons, lights output, security mode, and a depressurization feature. An optional Bluetooth remote has a convenient phone app to control the lift and get important diagnostics.


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