Sunstream’s FloatLift combines exceptional engineering with style and accessibility. Streamlined pontoons eortlessly support the hull in nearly any location with as little as 12 inches of water under the boat keel/skeg. Now, the convenience of Sunstream can go wherever your boat goes. Where will you take it?


Sunstream’s powerful hydraulics pull the floats under the boat in as little as 30 seconds with the remote control. Cleanly charge the DC system with AC or solar options for complete freedom. The FloatLift is always ready for fun.


Rise to the top and stay there. The Floatlift’s foam-filled polyethylene pontoons quickly lift your boat out of the water and the patented GravityLock™ designed to keep your boat safe and sound. Now it’s easier to keep your boat looking its best with clear access to your hull and prop for cleaning and maintenance. The frame is marine-grade aluminum and fitted with stainless steel hardware, so you can boat in fresh or saltwater. The cylinders are retracted and above the water when raised and zincs protect the frame like an aluminum boat. No other lift is built like a Sunstream.


Designed to set you free, the FloatLift typically needs just 12" of water under the keel or skeg and the foam filled floats can support the boat on the soft seabed even if the tide goes out. FloatLift’s low-profile floats split high waves so the lift can be used practically anywhere you would moor your boat. Powered by a solar option means you are ready for adventure anywhere.


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